Carlo Tramonti is a fictional character from the novel and movie series The Godfather, where he was the Don of the Tramonti family. He had a special seat on the Commission, which allowed to him to remain absent from Commission meetings, in deference to the fact that his organization was the oldest in the United States.

Biography Edit

The eldest of six brothers, Carlo Tramonti made his fortune from gambling, and with ferocity. Carlo had emigrated from Sicily as a young boy and settled in Florida. He exterminated the people who were backed by police and owned gambling operations from there. He was the one who opened ties with Cuba and Fulgencio Batista, supplying him with gambling and whorehouses.

By the 1940s, he owned a very luxurious Miami beach hotel. He also owned almost every business in New Orleans and rural Louisiana. He got his nickname, "The Whale", by swallowing up every business that came his way. He was also a reputed womanizer and had many children out of wedlock, though he was happily married for forty one years to his wife Gaetana. He and his brother and consigliere, Agostino Tramonti, had established the Tramonti family as a force to be reckoned with.

In 1948, he was among the Dons from across the country to attend the peace meeting between the Five Families. He was also present at Vito Corleone's funeral in 1955.

Intrigue Edit

By 1963, something happened to Tramonti that would change the course of American history forever. He was arrested by immigration agents at the behest of attorney general Daniel Shea, and deported to Colombia (which is what his fake passport said). He was left there by authorities at the Hotel Miramar in Medellin with no money or connections and was publicly embarrassed by Shea, and wanted revenge, but the Commission refused to allow his decision and he left in anger, after failing to deface Michael Corleone's image.

Death Edit

Later, he conspired with Nick Geraci to kill President Shea. By 1964, he sent Juan Carlos Santiago, an assassin, to kill President Shea which he did successfully. He was later called to an investigation committee about the president's assassination. But before he could testify he was shot twice in the head in his car and had a meat cleaver pulled up his gut, presumably by members of the Corleone family, who had recognized Santiago as a former contact of Tramonti's.

As Don of the Tramonti family, he was briefly succeeded by his younger brother Agostino, but he died not soon after his brother, supposedly of natural causes, though there were suspicious circumstances involved.