Natale Richichi

Natale Richichi DeVayne (born 1916 - died January 20, 2001) also known as "Big Chris", was a capo in the Gambino crime family of New York, he operated a crew in Florida and later Las Vegas, Nevada.

Biography Edit

Richichi was a native of Brooklyn, New York and at some point became an associate and later a made member of the Gambino crime family. As a soldier he was assigned to a crew in Miami, Florida that was run by capo Ettore Zappi who was a major porn racketeer. Zappi's crew also included Gambino family soldier Robert DiBernardo.

In Florida Richichi used to shake down peep show operations for the crew. When Zappi died in 1986, DiBernardo inherited his Florida crew, but his time as capo was short lived as he was murdered in the same year on orders of boss John Gotti, for allegedly stealing from the family.

Later years Edit

After this Richichi became capo of the old Zappi crew and continued to operate its extortion and pornography rackets. He later relocated to Las Vegas and set up operations there for the Gambino family.

Richichi dealt directly with boss John Gotti, with whom he was said to have a good relationship, and was also well connected to the New England based Patriarca crime family boss "Cadillac Frank" Frank Salemme and Gennaro Angiulo.

Richichi died while serving a six-year prison term for racketeering and extortion that was handed out in Florida in 1996. He also had served a concurrent 41-month sentence on a 1997 conviction in Las Vegas for defrauding the government. His lawyer in Las Vegas was future mayor Oscar Goodman.