The Tattaglia crime family (pronounced Tat-tag-lee-a) is a fictional family from the novel and movie series The Godfather, where it is one of New York's Five Families, based in Brooklyn.

History Edit

The Tattaglia family was founded by Philip Tattaglia in the 1920s. Like many of their contemporaries, the Tattaglias were bootleggers during Prohibition. With the repeal of the Prohibition, their main business became prostitution, earning Don Tattaglia a reputation as a pimp, and causing the family to be held in low regard. They controlled most of the nightclubs in the United States and they also began working with narcotics sometime in the 1930s, becoming affiliated with Virgil Sollozzo.

Tattaglia's womanizing would occasionally distract him from matters of business, but he compensated for this by surrounding himself with other strong leaders, such as his sons, Bruno and John.

A new position of power Edit

In 1945, the Tattaglias began to gain power after being supported by drug kingpin Virgil Sollozzo. They managed to take Don Vito Corleone out of the picture by shooting and wounding him and sending him to the hospital.

Their luck would not last for long however, as Bruno Tattaglia was gunned down by Salvatore Tessio's men. This act made Don Tattaglia declare a state of mob war against Don Vito Corleone, having been secretly backed up by Don Emilio Barzini.

A much needed peace Edit

After being forced into a stalemate, Tattaglia and his allies set up Sonny Corleone for assassination, avenging Bruno's death. Vito, having recovered, called a meeting of the Commission and swore that he would not fight the Tattaglias anymore.

This peace came just in time, as the Tattaglia family had been massively crippled by the war. However, after Don Vito Corleone died of a heart attack, Michael sent Rocco Lampone to Tattaglia's motel, where he murdered Don Tattaglia and the prostitute he was with.

The new regime Edit

Philip Tattaglia was succeeded by his brother Rico, who was unused to his brother's business and nearly brought the family into bankrupcy before he died, although of natural causes in 1962, after he had stepped down the previous year. The family then became property of consigliere Osvaldo Altobello, who became a strong ally to the Corleone family.

In 1980, the Tattaglias were dealt a severe blow after Altobello betrayed Michael Corleone to Licio Lucchesi and the corrupt members of the Vatican Bank. Michael Corleone poisoned Altobello with a packet of cannoli that Connie Corleone had given him for his birthday.

Leadership Edit

Bosses Edit

  • 1920s-1955 — Philip Tattaglia
  • 1955-1962 — Rico Tattaglia
  • 1962-1980 — Osvaldo Altobello

Underbosses Edit

  • 1930s-Unknown — John Tattaglia

Consiglieres Edit

  • 1940s-1955 — Tattaglia's consigliere
  • 1955-1962 — Osvaldo Altobello