This Thing of Ours is a crime/drama film released in 2003 starring James Caan, Edward Lynch, Vincent Pastore, Danny Provenzano, Frank Vincent, and Chuck Zito. The title is a veiled reference to the Italian term La Cosa Nostra.


Using the internet and old school mafia traditions, a crew of young gangsters led by made-man Nicholas "Nicky" Santini attempt to pull off the biggest heist in the history of the mafia. Nicky must first convince his uncle Danny Santini a Caporegime of the Genovesso Crime Family in New Jersey, to put up the necessary "seed money", $50,000,000.00. When Danny agrees, Nicky along his enforcer Johnny "Irish" Kelly use violence, and murder to put the plan in motion. But as much as things seem to be changing in the family's way of "doing business", old habits and traditions remain and Nicholas must decide between his friends who helped him pull off the scam or his uncle Danny and "This Thing Of Ours".


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